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Ontario Hospital Association
Our investment in Mediasite has been the cornerstone to our success by adding quality and value to our members through improved access on a reliable platform.
Todd Hutchings, Director of Distance Learning


Since its inception in 1924, the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) has influenced and helped shape health care policy in Ontario, leading the way through changes, innovations, challenges, and opportunities.

Today, representing approximately 150 public hospitals, the OHA assumes a leadership role in safeguarding patients and offering its member organizations countless benefits, from system leadership to operational services to professional development.

Through the use of modern communication technology, the OHA delivers educational programs province-wide to over 55,000 members and health care professionals annually.

“Serving such a large number of participants, across such a broad landscape, can be a challenging and expensive endeavor,” says Todd Hutchings, OHA’s Director of Distance Learning.

OHA’s broadcast division began offering distance education in 2004 through a government-funded video conference pilot. Just three years later, demand had far exceeded supply.

“Our capacity was running out,” acknowledges Hutchings. “We weren’t able to reach as many sites as we wanted to as the demand for our programming had grown beyond our video conferencing capabilities.”


Everything changed in 2007 when they deployed Mediasite. The department used video to enhance their established educational offerings, reducing travel costs and meeting the growing demand for online healthcare training events.

“In one year, with the same resources we were able to educate twice as many people three times as often,” said Hutchings. “The growing demand of our live events has increased demand for our archived events. Thousands more viewers are tuning into on-demand educational webcasts every year. We’re actually generating more awareness and more publicity around certain topics or issues.”

Healthy ROI

A few years after initiating Mediasite, OHA increased its live webcasted events, which helped expand their reach and enhance their standing as a valued partner in the health care sector. By adopting a pay-per-view model, OHA has re-invested into their Distance Learning technology through improvements in production quality, increased access through hybrid programming and a new OHA Education Centre – all through Mediasite.

“Our investment in Mediasite has been the cornerstone to our success by adding quality and value to our members through improved access on a reliable platform,” Hutchings said.  “You can’t underestimate the power of webcasting. With Mediasite we deliver one message to our membership, which is then archived and it can be shared again. We’re able to record quality speakers to deliver a quality message which adds credibility and new revenue for our programs.”

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