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Mediasite Rentals is everything you need to:

Feel Like a Pro

Do more than rent. Partner with the pros.

Set your expectations high, really high, when you rent video streaming equipment from Mediasite Events. Nope, we’re not cocky, but we are confident. And here’s why: When you partner with us, you get way more than just the exceptional performance of our recorders. You get direct, personalized support from experienced pros.

Go live with pro-grade equipment delivered when you need it

The video equipment you rent for your event should deliver ultra-reliable, high-quality multi-source streaming – for starters. But we think the audience on the other side of that stream wants – and deserves – even more. Give them an immersive, memorable event experience.

Feel confident with real pros ready to help

Mediasite Events understands how crucial it is for equipment to perform well. That’s why we take tech support seriously. No call center will do for you. Our confidence monitoring ensures seamless streams, and when you have questions, you can rely on our dedicated support. Plus, fast editing and MP4 delivery options mean you’ll get your videos immediately after your event.

Hundreds of companies, healthcare organizations and continuing education conferences of all sizes trust Mediasite Events each year for video done right.

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